In 1962, when Rome's fashion culture was in its infancy, a Roman tailor shop, Viseniya, decided to run its clothing business in a branding way. He used VISENIYA as the trademark and designed a "flying man" as the brand LOGO, with black and white as the brand identification color, and VISENIYA brand was born.

    VISENIYA's clothes were soon accepted and embraced by Italian and European consumers, and VISENIYA 'flying man' flew across the continent like an air force pilot, and by the end of the 1990s had grown to nearly a thousand shops.

    Up to now, the VISENIYA product line has been extended to include children's clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., to inject new vitality into the VISENIYA brand. In 2018, the brand new VISENIYA entered the Chinese market with a strong combination of sports elements and leisure fashion, and made VISENIYA's LOGO dominated by Italian flag colors of green, white and red. From then on, the leisure fashion movement became the core of VISENIYA brand. The open wings will certainly blow the VISENIYA style fashion campaign storm around the globe!

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