Vessenia (Shanghai) co., LTD. (Shanghai) is a wholly owned company invested by italys T O P group in China. It is mainly responsible for the sales of Italian international brand VI SE N I YA clothing in mainland China, Hong Kong and macau, making consumers feel that they are still fashionable and fashionable clothing. VI SE NI YA brand was established in 196 and 2 years. It is an international brand of Italian leidge. The main product is men's clothing, which is still used as the main part. After many years of development, V I SE N I YA brand has more than 10, 000 exclusive shops and shops in Italy and throughout Europe, North America, Australia and central east. V I SE N I YA brand is designed for fashion, simplicity and movement, and its dress is decorated with strong feelings of Italian Dali wind, a sudden nature, taste but not vulgar, young and live, rich and upright, giving people a sense of no restriction. After a long period of market research and over a year's preparation, VI SE N I YA pin was introduced to the mainland of China, where it was the capital of the international community.

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