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Make a pair of shoes in 22 seconds

Date: 2018-09-07
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There is nothing more helpful than a pair of sensible shoes on the road. For 27 years, tianchuang fashion, a local listed company in nansha, has been doing just that, making a pair of custom-made women's shoes that are fashionable and comfortable for every woman.

On August 7, the country's first intelligent production line was officially put into production, increasing production efficiency by 40% while saving nearly half of manual labor. More importantly, the emergence of intelligent production lines has greatly reduced the cost of customized women's shoes. Currently, tianchuang produces an average of 100 pairs of custom-made women's shoes every month. As long as the consumer stands on the foot robot, the laser can collect all data of both feet in 30 seconds. Next choose the material that likes again next, design, adornment detail, consumer can have a pair of world unique shoe. Liang yaohua, founder of tianchuang, estimates that by the end of this year, the number of custom-made women's shoes could reach 300 pairs a month.

Live: make a pair of shoes in 22 seconds

A good European cowhide was spread out on the table, and the computer began to draw pictures of the shape of the shoes according to the production plan of the day. Under the command of the computer, the robot arm began to cut the cowhide along the line. The reporter sees at the scene, machine arm is very stable, the shoe upper that cuts out is tight joint, without error. "This is our first step in making shoes. This part needs 9 workers according to the old production line, and since the artificial is not as accurate as the machine, the waste of cowhide is relatively high. Now intelligent after cutting the remaining leftover material will be less." Production line related to the chief told reporters.

After the material is opened, there is a circular assembly line. Senior workers make the fabric and sewing line on both sides of the assembly line. When they make the fabric of a pair of shoes, they put baskets on the assembly line and the alarm clock will ring. The computer will automatically deliver them the next basket. When the fabric is finished, a prototype is created, and workers put them on a shoe last based on the size and shape of the foot.

"A shoe last is the soul of a shoe." The director told reporters, a pair of shoes uncomfortable, in the process of making the most important is the last reasonable and fit. "Our last is generated through a large database of matching data, about 2 million new data are added every year, which makes the last more diverse and fits the foot comfort of more people."

The shoes after putting on the last begin to be brushed and sanded by the robotic arm "fancy". "" these two steps determine both the comfort level of the shoes and the life span, and it is up to the robot to make the quality more stable." " "Said the official. Finally, after sole treatment and disinfection, a pair of winter female boots with a market value of more than 800 yuan can be sold in a box. After debugging, the entire production line can be more than 40 percent more efficient, making a pair of shoes in 22 seconds, the person said.

Going public: "" don't keep an eye on share price every day" "

Liang yaohua, founder of tianchuang fashion, told reporters that the intelligent production line, with an investment of 20 million yuan, was created by tianchuang, and that most of the key machines and parts were sourced from Italy, an ancient country that makes shoes.

"" why are we making this investment? "We need to do it ahead of time. That's the DNA of innovation. Everything we do is for transformation and upgrading."

The reporter sees in day create, the booth of one of five brands, have a custom foot type to measure instrument. Standing on it takes only 30 seconds to know in detail whether the feet are Roman or Egyptian, long or wide. There are also snakeskin, sanding, leather and other various types of leather, the heel of high heels can also be decided by consumers. Finally add butterfly, bind band, leather buckle and so on favorite style, the whole world is unique, exclusive the woman shoe of one person half month can get. "" we offer consumers the choice of most of the season's most popular styles, selected by reference to international big-name brands." " Stand director told reporters.

Currently, 200 pairs of fashionable women's shoes are born every month in China. The above intelligent production line is created for this purpose. It only needs to adjust the parameters to produce customized women's shoes efficiently without the need of separate material opening.

Tianchuang fashion was registered in nansha in 1991 and listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 2016. "It's not interesting to watch the stock price of tianchuang very often," Mr. Leung told reporters. "the long-term upward trend still depends on the report card we hand in. The company should keep pace with The Times.

Hope: stand in the next tuyere

Mr. Leung came to China to work and start his own business in 1978, just as reform and opening up began. Sensing an opportunity, Mr. Leung, who came from Hong Kong, initially worked on electronics, until he came into contact with the shoe industry in 1987, which he decided was something he should have done more. "Do one thing well in life, something solid and visible." It was liang yaohua's idea.

At that time, domestic shoes were mostly exported under the brand. Not wanting to make a trousseau for others, Mr Leung set his sights on the domestic market and decided to start from scratch by making the country's first fashionable women's shoes. "I want to open a new factory, do not know I can learn." As a result, liang yaohua came back from studying in Taiwan, abandoned the 2,000 people who had been in zhuhai, and went to dongyong, nansha, opened a new factory with 50 people, and registered 11 brands in one breath.

Why nansha? Mr. Leung said there was an element of opportunity. One was that guangzhou was the fashion center at the time, and almost all fashion items in China were sold from guangzhou. When his friend brought him here, he immediately fell in love with the place and decided to open a factory here.

Now looking back, liang yaohua has stepped on almost every successful node. Do women's shoes, register brands, focus on the domestic market, come to nansha. "" we have grown steadily year after year for more than two decades. Even if the economic crisis comes, women's shoes are still selling, and nothing can stop a beautiful woman from adding a pair of good shoes.

Tianchuang's publicly disclosed earnings show that its operating revenue was 1.73 billion yuan in 2017, up 12 percent year-on-year. Net profit attributable to parent of 188 million yuan in 2017, up 60.25% year-on-year. As of March 31, 2018, tianchuang has 1909 stores across the country, and more than 1,200 are directly operated.

Liang yaohua said that the southeast and northwest of nansha are important cities, taking up all geographical advantages. Now the construction of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area has taken on a national height, making them Hong Kong businessmen more confident about the future. "" we hope to stand on the new outlet and do a good job in new retail." "

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There is nothing more helpful than a pair of sensible shoes on the road. For 27 years, tianchuang fashion, a local listed company in nansha, has been doing just that, making a pair of custom-made women's shoes that are fashionable and comfortable for every woman.On August 7, the country's first intelligent production line was officially put into production, increasing production efficiency...
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