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Nike renewed the Chinese men's

Date: 2018-09-07
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China's men's and women's basketball teams signed a new contract with Nike on August 20, Beijing time. Over the next decade, the two sides will collaborate in a number of international competitions, including three basketball world cups.

Nike has been working with the Chinese men's and women's basketball national teams for 22 years since 1996. Since 1996, 12 young Chinese players, including yi jianlian, wang zhelin and zhou qi, have gone to the United States to attend Nike Hoop Summit. Nike also invites the world's top basketball players to China every year. Athletes such as LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have visited the China basketball association's youth team for training and games, personally guiding the players to train and play, and actively influencing more teenagers to participate in basketball through their stories and spirits.

Yao Ming, President of the Chinese basketball association, said: "China's men's and women's basketball team takes national team honor as the highest goal and always inherits the spirit of being unafraid of challenges and daring to surpass. I believe that this is also the inner cornerstone for the two sides to reach consensus again. It is hoped that the two sides will continue their close and in-depth cooperation in the future to jointly promote the continuous progress of China's men's and women's basketball and make efforts for a better future of China's basketball. ""

Craig Masback, Nike's vice-president of global sports marketing, said: "Nike will help and motivate national team players of all ages to improve themselves. At the same time, I will actively promote basketball among the youth groups, so as to contribute to the long-term development of Chinese basketball.

In addition to renewing his contract with the national team, Nike has signed individual sponsorship deals with players including yi jianlian, guo Allen, zhou qi, ding yanyu airlines, wang zhelin and fang shuo.

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