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Big data of qixi festival

Date: 2018-09-07
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Qixi, formerly known as qiqiao festival. As a native-born Chinese valentine's day, it symbolizes pure beautiful love. So what do couples get for each other before the Tanabata festival?

According to the Beijing east big data survey, the sales volume of pre-ordered flowers increased by 190% compared with usual before the Chinese valentine's day holiday this year, significantly higher than the growth rate in previous years. Meanwhile, sales of high-priced gifts such as platinum, gold, k-gold jewelry, diamonds and luxury goods also increased significantly, reaching 225%, 137%, 71%, 166% and 65% respectively, all faster than before 2.14 this year. Compared with western valentine's day, Chinese people seem to be more willing to buy a heavy, heartfelt "fixer" on qixi festival.

Shaanxi consumers seem more pragmatic by comparison. In combination with sales and growth, the best-selling gifts in shaanxi before qixi festival this year include: sneaker bags, crystal agate, etc.

According to gender, the main reason for the "money-bag injury" on valentine's day is male consumers. Men spend more on flowers, diamonds, gold and luxury goods per capita. Women spend more on handbags.

According to the consumption of all age groups, the consumption proportion of the post-80s generation in luxury and gold jewelry is higher, the consumption proportion of the post-90s generation in bags and gold jewelry is higher than that of other categories, and the consumption proportion of the post-70s generation in gold jewelry is higher than that of other categories. It seems that no matter what age you grew up in, gold jewelry is definitely a gift type that can overcome the generation gap and cultural differences and be loved by people of different ages.

In addition it is worth mentioning that this year the Tanabata, female bag, women's clothing, accessories, watches, sales growth is larger than usual, this could be the idol star, the hit TV dramas, variety, such as pop culture, "appearance level products" in the eyes of young consumers increasingly tend to be essential, at the same time have a romantic and lovable, the dual nature of practical life.

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